IEEE MTT-S/AP-S Central-Southern Italy Award 2012

The Joint IEEE MTT-S/AP-S Chapter for Central and Southern Italy offered two prizes/awards of 500 EUR each for the year 2012 in order to promote research results achieved by young researchers and scholars being enrolled with the rank of “student member” in the IEEE organization and researching within the field of
- Microwave Theory and Techniques (1 prize/award) and
- Antennas and Propagation (1 prize/award)

Various “research products” have been considered, either specifically developed for such competition or already published within the period January 2011 – July 2012, signed by a single candidate or a group of them.

Any document describing a research activity where the contribute of the candidate(s) would be clearly evident has been considered as eligible. For instance: Master Degree Theses, Ph.D. Theses, either published or not-yet-published scientific papers, etc. Multi-authored documents required an additional declaration qualifying individual contributions.

The evaluation board, made up of Prof. Costanzo, Perregrini and Vecchi (all members of the IEEE MTT-S/AP-S Chapter, Northern Italy) assigned to

Carlo Trane
(Master Degree in Communication Engineering)
the MTT-S Award 2012.

The documents produced by board members, reporting the award motivations, are available at Chapter website