Start Cup Puglia 2012

Start Cup Puglia is a contest held in Italy on a regional basis, (Apulia administrative region), awarding each year the best innovative business plans.

On September, 27th the winners for the following categories have been elected:

- Life Science
- Industrial
- Agrifood-Cleantech
- ICT-Social Innovation

The Agrifood-Cleantech category prize has been assigned to STEP (Solution and Technologies for Electromagnetic Projects), our start up enterprise that develops solutions and technologies facilitating the industrial application of Electromagnetism, paying specific attention to the realization of wirelessly powered, implantable devices (e.g., pacemakers, protheses, etc.).

All the winners will participate at the Innovation National Award (PNI – Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione) that will be held on November 29th-30th, 2012 in Bari.
The Start Cup Puglia initiative belongs to the project: “Creare impresa e diffondere tecnologia a partire dalla ricerca – Programma Operativo per la fase 2 del Progetto ILO2” within the “Piano Straordinario per il Lavoro della Regione Puglia”.