Reconfigurable Filters in ATL-MEMS Technology

The EML2 research group is involved with the design of microwave devices based on the use of MEMs technology combined with the Artificial Transmission Line (ATL) approach.

For instance, Fig.s 1 and 2, illustrate two very compact band-pass filter with a reconfigurable behaviour (see Figs. 1 and 2).

The filter showed in Fig. 1 consists of an ATL Branch-Line Coupler loaded with open ended stubs designed with a reconfigurable length by means of MEMS switches; this way, the proposed filter exhibits a reconfigurable pass-band bandwidth.

Similarly, the filter illustrated in Fig. 2 consists of two concentric stub-loaded rings; a group of three switches has been used to select the active ring, and consequently the filter working frequency.


Fig.1. Layout of the reconfigurable filter.


In Fig. 3 another reconfigurable filter is shown: it is a bandpass filter with a reconfigurable working frequency and a reduced size area [2].



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[2] G. Monti, L. Tarricone, L. Corchia, “MEMS-Based Filter with a Reconfigurable Pass-Band”, accepted in EuCAP, 23-27 March 2009, Berlin, Germany.