Artificial Transmission Lines (ATL)

ATLs (Artificial Transmission Lines) are a promising approach for the design of high performance microwave devices.

An ATL is an effectively homogeneous Transmission Line (TL) achieved by periodically loading a conventional TL with an L-C network either in a low pass topology (right-handed TL) or in a high pass topology (Composite Righ/Left-Handed). The use of ATLs in designing common microwave components adds a degree of freedom which can be exploited in order to achieve dual-band or broadband behaviour as well as a size miniaturization.

An example of ATL-based filter is shown in Fig. 1: a size reduction of 55% has been obtained [1].


The following figures illustrate some examples of devices which have been designed by the EML2 research group by combining RH ATLs with CRLH ATL. Fig. 2 shows a Rat-Race Coupler consisting of three RH ATLs and a CRLH ATL designed by using lumped L and C elements [2]. Such a coupler is very compact and exhibits a broadband behaviour (see Fig. 3). The implementation of the same device by means of a distributed approach based on Metal Insulator Capacitors and short circuited stubs is illustrated in Fig. 4 [3].

As for the use of ATL in order to achieve dual-band behaviours, an example of application is given in Fig. 5 where a dual-band T-Junction Power Divider is illustrated [4].





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