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Eng.  Fabrizio Congedo
Project Contract
Ecotekne – Edificio La Stecca – Prov.le Lecce- Monteroni
Tel. +39 0832 297276
fax +39 0832 1830127

Fabrizio Congedo: was born on 11 July 1982 in Galatina (Lecce). He received the Second Level Laurea Degree (cum laude) in Telecommunications Engineering at University of Salento in 2007 discussing a thesis in Electromagnetic Compatibility under the title “RFID technologies and biomedical applications: from inductively coupled systems to MEMS”. In 2005 he was the best graduated student of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salento. His research activity includes the design and realization of microwave circuits and antennas. Awarded the research grant “Working Capital” from Telecom Italia, he is currently involved in the development of rectenna systems within the Energy@home project.


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