Electromagnetic Lab Lecce

Since 2001, the ElectroMagnetic Lab Lecce ( EML2) at the University of Salento in Lecce, supervised by Prof. Luciano Tarricone, has been continuously active on several issues related both to fundamental and applied research. Besides traditional CAD applications on antennas and on electromagnetic circuits, and besides advanced numerical methods for EM simulations, the research activities of the laboratory also focus on the interaction between EM fields and living beings, on wireless technology (with particular attention to radiopropagation and to the optimal design of latest-generation wireless networks), on time domain reflectometry (TDR), on the investigation and implementation of innovative materials (e.g., metamaterials) with specific electromagnetic properties, and on the use of advanced information technologies (ontologies, semantic grids, agents) for EM applications.

EML2believes that  interactions with industries is as important as the interaction among different research centers.  EML2 has constantly been cooperating with small, medium and large enterprises. Additionally, the laboratory is involved in a number of national and international research projects focused on applied research.

There are three major divisions within the EML2: one devoted to RFID systems, another one to Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) and a third one to Information Technology applications and platforms.

The main research activities of the RFID division concern the following topics:

  •  Realization of multi-sensor tags (i.e., tags that can be simultaneously interfaced to different kinds of sensors );
  •  Design of innovative antennas for tags in “complex” situations ;
  • Design of low-cost antennas, with DOA capability, for RFID readers;
  • Analysis of the exposure of human beings to EM fields generated by RFID systems (both  by the reader and by the tags);
  • Analysis of low-cost RFID-based intelligent sensor networks.

Since 2007, EML2, and in particular the RFID division, is part of the C.R.I.T. (Centro Dipartimentale di Ricerca sulla Internet of Things,  Departmental Research Center on the Internet of Things), which is the first Italian research center to be devoted. Prof. Tarricone is a co-founder of C.R.I.T.

As for Wireless Power Transmission, within the EML2 there is a division, coordinated by Eng. Giuseppina Monti, which develops both near-field and far-field wireless power transmission systems. Emphasis is on investigation of design strategies using non-conventional supports (such as tissues), development of wearable devices and systems for biotelemetry applications (namely, wireless power transmission for implantable medical devices). Other applications of major interest are the development of systems for solar energy conversion into DC current (nanorectenna devices) and energy automation of sensors for domotic applications (home automation, smart home).

As for advanced Information Technology (IT) research activities, they mainly concern the following topics:

  • High performance computing
    • Wireless network planning in distributed and parallel computing environments
    • Parallel computing for complex electromagnetic problem solving
  • Semantic-oriented systems
    • Ontology-based decision support system
    • Context-oriented systems and context-awareness